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Jersey City Latin@ NJ.jpg
Shirtless man in Jersey City, NJ.

Elizabth Latin@ NJ.jpg
Man being arrested in Elizabeth, NJ.

Dover Latin@ NJ .jpg
Well-dressed man speaking in Dover, NJ.

Camden Latin@ NJ.jpg
Man being arrested in Camden, NJ.

Copy of PoliceCommunityInteraction1991.jpg
Newark police officers meet with children at a public housing complex in 1991.

Copy of yoon002.jpg
Two men were questioned and checked for warrants by police for loitering outside of a building known to be a drug hangout. As part of the War on Drugs, police staked out public housing complexes as way to get a large volume of arrests and stop drug…

A 1986 protest by the People's Organization for Progress against police brutality and lack of jobs and housing. These factors contributed to young men of color getting involved in the drug trade, something that the War on Drugs failed to address.

During a three day period, over 13,000 rounds were dispersed by state militia resulting in the death of twenty-three black citizens. A total of twenty-six people lost their lives, eight of those by indiscriminate police fire, as this excerpt from the…

Following the initial outburst, Mayor Gibson asked the crowd of Puerto Rican citizens to join him at City Hall and hopefully come to a resolution. They marched to from Branch Brook Park and gathered outside on its front steps in hopes of being heard.…

Drug Zone Map.jpg
Compared to a predominantly white suburb, 75% of Newark is designated as a drug free school zone, which carries with it extra criminal charges.
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