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When she testified before the Lilley Commission, community activist Louise Epperson focused on the actions of law enforcement, “The police department and the State troopers and all this militia shooting people down unwarranted. It was worse than the…

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Protesters demand a civilian review board in 1965. Robert Curvin, leader of the Essex County chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), warned that the “people were fantastically aggrieved” over the lack of police accountability following the…

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In the late 1990s, then Governor of New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman was photographed frisking a black man in the city of Camden. Even then people were starting to question these methods, which unfairly target men of color.

Lawrence Hamm, People’s Organization for Progress Chairman, rallying for justice for Bilal Colbert.

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Ramon Rivera, founder of La Casa de Don Pedro and latino activist, was victim of police misconduct after he placed a call to the Mayor's office to inform them of a child being injured at one of the many abandoned buildings on Tichenor St.

Black New Ark-Man of the Street.jpg
Newark residents' opinions regarding the need for a Community Police Review Board.

Ramon Rivera, founder of La Casa de Don Pedro and latino activist, speaking to a crowd.

Newark Police officers man a barricade at the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Waverly Avenue in Newark. Police used barriers to target and isolate areas of Newark with drug connections. Aside from monitoring the premises 24 hours a day and…

Branch Brook Park.tiff
A photo of Branch Brook Park, in the Fall. Featuring a sign, on the right, that reads "WARNING: THIS PARK IS REGULARLY PATROLLED BY POLICE OFFICERS".

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Dr. Hilda Hidalgo, community activist, Rutgers professor, and member of the 1969 Black and Puerto Rican Convention, urged the community to vote in the mayoral election. She wrote, “Without attending the convention you will lose, Ken will lose, Blacks…
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